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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Largemouth Bass

I'm not exaggerating when I say I've been fishing for this bass for 3 years. Our favorite camping destination is near a freshwater spring which runs down toward the river, creating a really great environment for these fish with lots of vegetation and very few good spots to get a line in the water. I've caught a few small bass in these waters, but nothing more than 12 inches or so in length.

Every time I went there, however, I would usually see something like this swim by at least once. I would be so determined to catch it that I'd get up at the crack of dawn and trek toward the water, only to be disappointed when it completely ignored everything I threw at it. The spring eventually became so overtaken with seaweed that the only thing you could get in the water was a topwater frog, which proved to be very effective in landing me this 5.25 lb., 20.75 in. largemouth.

2 observation(s):

vanilla said...

Nicely done, Izaak!

P.I.C.'s by Breanna said...

Nice Catch!!! Congratulations!! I have two brothers who LOVE fishing and it always great fun to see them catch a big one!!! :)