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Monday, September 24, 2012

Barred Owl

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Jenna K. said...

Aw! You captured it perfectly! :D

Starling Man Sam said...

Nice! I haven't had the privilege of getting close enough to a barred during daylight. Hope to start taking more photos next yr., when I hope to have finished my studying, and have a new camera (not SLR, but def. something with much better than the current 4X opt. zoom and 4 mp). Say, what do you use anyway? My sister (Marjo) and I currently use an s3100 Fujifilm Finepix.

Dakota said...

Hi Sam,

I currently use the Nikon Coolpix L110. It it not an SLR either, but with 12.1 MP and 15x optical zoom you can still get pretty descent close ups. Thanks for asking!

Starling Man Sam said...

Yes, your camera is def. a notch higher, it's near what I'm going to shoot for, though I think I'm going to look into the 20X + zoom range.

Do you usually fix up your pics before you put them up? You see, Marjo and I have a little hunch going, that Nikon has the best color. :)

Dakota said...


Since I've never seriously used anything other than a Nikon, I'm somewhat partial to it myself. I don't have enough evidence to say they have the best color, but you shouldn't be disappointed if you invest in a nice one.

And yes, I do use Adobe Photoshop Elements on all of my photos to at least some extent. Typically this entails no more than lighting, color, and cropping adjustments as in this case. For example, here are the before and after versions of the owl photo:


Starling Man Sam said...

OK, thanks for the info.!
Yes, same here, I generally do some basic photo editing with Picasa.

Dawn M. Hamsher said...

At Gifford Pinchot State Park last year, I went on an owl walk and heard the Barred owl's call "Who cooks for you, who cooks for you all". Every night that week of our camp trip, I heard the owls banter like monkeys. It was..magical.

This is a fantastic photo. Thank you for reminding me of my "owl" memory.

BTW, I found you from a shout out over at 2 Encourage blog.