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Friday, May 27, 2011

Open Wide!

If you think this looks different than your average turtle, then you're right. It's actually a decent-sized snapping turtle I spotted on one of our hikes, apparently having ventured from the water during the recent rains. It was getting pretty warm out when I got this shot, so I'm hopeful he was able to find his way back to where he belonged.

By the way, have you guys seen my new blog button yet?

3 observation(s):

Karissa Noelle said...

Wow! That is an awesome shot! :) Yes, actually I saw your button yesterday on your other blog. :)

Jenna K. said...

Oooh nice! I've never actually seen a snapping turtle before...really cool! =D

Kerrie said...

That is an awesome photo!! Pls go to my Kerrie's Korner, SC blogsite to see my cartoon of a snapping turtle and a real story of my rescue of a gosling from the jaws of one just last week. I am also folling this blog of yours, too. http://kerrieskorner.blogspot.com