Dakota's Nature Photos

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Sunday afternoon I grabbed my camera and tripod, headed for our swimming pool, and began searching for a tree frog that's recently made his home there. A couple minutes passed and I couldn't seem to find him and so, for whatever reason, decided to walk towards our shed despite the blazing heat telling me to go back inside and enjoy the A/C. As I approached the shed I noticed something large moving on a nearby tree and, as I got even closer, I discovered a couple large Eastern Hercules Beetles. It was the first time I'd ever spotted one in the wild, but apparently they can grow up to 2" in length, making them the largest beetles in North America. Pretty cool, huh?

3 observation(s):

Mackenzie A. Lockhart said...

Intense! Nasty lookin things :P Kinda remind me of a triceratops.


Sonja said...

defenately really cool! Enjoying your photos...keep it up, the Lord has given you quite a gift Dakota! Blessings!

Katie Church said...

What an excellent shot! Great job!