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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

4 Leaf Clover

It gets on my family’s nerves that I’m able to find these things so easily. When I decided I’d like to have a photo of a four leaf clover earlier today, it took me about 3 minutes to find this magnificent specimen. Years ago, I found 17 of them in one hour’s time. No joke.

3 observation(s):

Amber Noella said...

You mean like, in your yard?
I don't think I've ever found one!

Dakota said...

When I found the 17 you mean? That was when my sister was taking some kind of class, and to remedy my boredom I went outside and looked for 4 leaf clovers until it was time to leave. They had a fairly nice yard, but it wasn't huge or anything.
For some reason they just jump out at me when I see them. Like I can be walking on a sidewalk not even looking for them, and I'll spot one out of the corner of my eye and pick it up. That's when the person I'm with gets angry because they can never find them. lol.

child of God said...

Lol! 17 four leaf clovers in one day, amazing!
These are great pictures, have you looked at Nikon sniper? http://nikonsniper.blogspot.com
He has some awesome pictures too.

God Bless,