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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ready or Not

Elven Maiden is hosting a spring photo contest over on her blog, and since I'm somebody who loves both spring and photography I thought I'd go ahead and enter. These are the same crocuses from my last photo, but would you believe this is actually the more recent shot? I was surprised to wake up to 4" of snow yesterday morning and even more surprised to realize that crocuses aren't bothered by it. Spring is determined to get here one way or another!

EDIT: I'm grateful to have been awarded 2nd place in the contest. Thanks Elven!

4 observation(s):

Zachary Bruno said...

Wow.. there's still snow there, huh?

Dakota said...

Well, it's 60 degrees out now so it's pretty much all melted, but I'm hoping it will keep the mosquitoes away for a bit longer. :D

Elven Maiden said...

AWESOME!!! I love this photo!!!!! Great shot, Dakota!!!

Unknown said...

This is my FAVORITE of your photos that I've seen so far! I LOVE the angle, the color contrasts, the concept etc. You take SUCH good photos!!! THANKS for sharing! :)