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Saturday, April 2, 2011


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Rebecca-Joy said...

What kind of turtle is it? Where did you find that?
I really like it!
In HIS service,

Dakota said...

Hey Rebecca,

I took this picture back in September of a box turtle on one of our camping trips. They're actually very common around here.


Unknown said...

Love the turtle picture, Dakota! Something about turtles just makes me smile.

Saw some the other day sitting up on a big log at the park. Content. Happy. Enjoying the sun.

I'm amazing by creation and our Creator.

Thanks for sharing.


Rebecca-Joy said...

Thanks for answering my questions Dakota!
Wow, they are common! How cool is that!
Where I live you can only see turtles at a zoo, in the aquarium section!
In HIS service,

Debbie said...

Nice to meet a fellow photographer. Beautiful work!

Susie - Walking Butterfly said...

Hi Dakota, love your name! Thanx for "Following" me! Your place looks pretty fun too!

Victoria said...

I love Box Turtles! This is a great picture-here is one I took in my backyard a couple of years ago. It is difficult to get a pic with their head out-lol-you must stalk them.

I can't seem to get the picture here from photo bucket-so here is the link:

Anonymous said...

Great photo! The wether is warm, but I have not seen any turtles yet.

Grant ~ Arrows of Victory