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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Great Ball of Fire


Wow! I just got back from a two day hunting trip up north, and I am so glad I brought my camera. I came within an inch of leaving it at home, but after debating it a bit I decided to take it along. This is a great view of the sunset that took place directly behind me early this evening. This photo is 100% unedited, coming straight off my camera. I’ve never before seen a sunset where you could look directly into the sun itself without so much as squinting your eyes. It was truly amazing!

3 observation(s):

child of God said...

I think that your camera should be a part of your clothing. :) This pic is so relaxing.


Dakota said...

You should patent that! lol! It seems like everything can take pictures nowadays (phones, etc.), so it wouldn't be too odd. I know I'd buy myself a pair. :)

child of God said...

Haha! I wish one of my kids was a mastermind in inventing; this could be a neat idea....make the camera in a hat and have an eye piece that could swing down to be in front of your eye, blink and you have a snap shot. Cool don't you think? The idea is yours if you want it, I'll buy the first one. :)

God Bless your sense of humour,