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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What Using Flash Can Do

Generally speaking, using your flash before the sun is all the way set usually ruins your shot (especially when your subject is more than a few inches away). I experimented with this particular flower, however, and I think the results were pretty good. This photo falls into the 1% minority of nature shots that are actually improved by firing the flash at dusk.

3 observation(s):

Icewolf said...

Wow, at dusk? It's looks like noon to me, and usually I refrain from using flash at all in my pictures, in my opinion it tends to ruin the natural effect. But this is a nice little tip, thanks!

Dakota said...

That's the reason I usually leave it alone as well. I've taken hundreds of pictures over the past few months, and I can only think of one other time that flash actually improved a shot.

Sheila said...

I love this one. It just may be my new favorite!