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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My New Copyright Policy

After thinking about it extensively, I’ve decided to update my copyright policy. My previous one was very strict, and didn’t allow you to do much besides look at my photos. My new one, however, while still fairly strict, gives you much more freedom as a viewer while still keeping my work out of the public domain. Here it is:
  • If found of use, you may include any of my photos in your personal blog posts to illustrate your writing (example). This includes blogger, wordpress, blogs with registered domain names, etc. However, you may not suggest or imply that the work is yours, or that it is free art. The watermark must be left intact, the photo be left unedited by you, and the below text displayed clearly either 1) as the photo’s caption, or 2) at the bottom of blog post. NOTE: If the photo will be a permanent element of your blog, such as being embedded to your sidebar, you may instead place the photo credit at the bottom of the page.
PHOTO CREDIT: © 2010 - Dakota’s Nature Photos – www.dakotas-nature-photos.blogspot.com
  • If using a photo within the above guidelines, please comment and let me know.

  • As the owner of the photos on this site, I reserve the right to revoke the above privileges of any person, at any time, and for any reason if I deem that the content of the site in question could potentially reflect badly upon me or my photography.

  • Any use of my photography that does not fall under the above description is not allowed, and will be treated as copyright infringement. You wouldn’t steal a DVD; don’t steal photography. It’s not nice.

  • Finally, this copyright statement is subject to change from time to time. Please verify that you are not breaking any new rules before using any of my pictures.

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